The stories of Banda and its often-bloody history have found creative expression through the works of several artists in recent years, including Made Wianta, Hanafi, and Beatrice Glow.

Beatrice Glow creates works influenced by the social history of spices. The Rhunhattan project “is a journey back in time to explore a pivotal moment in world history”, the seventeenth century ‘exchange’ of the islands of Rhun and Manhattan between the Dutch and the English. Her work seeks to use creative understanding to contribute to historical understanding. “Art is possibly the most flexible field” she says, “possessing potential to shift perspectives and dominant narratives. Art is about building connections and communicating ideas for which words are inadequate.”


To order a copy of The Banda Islands anthology, email The book is priced at Rp. 395,000.

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The Banda Islands is also currently available in Indonesia at Periplus nationwide, at Aksara and Bartele Gallery in Jakarta, and at Ganesha in Bali.