Support a Sustainable Future

The goal of The Banda Islands anthology is to bring awareness to issues surrounding the development of the islands and support educational and environmental initiatives that can help to create a sustainable future.

The future of the Banda Islands lies in the hands of those who can contribute to making a positive difference to the islands, planning for sustainable development, education and opportunity for all, and a continued appreciation of the islands’ rich heritage and resources.

Support a sustainable future for the Bandas through these three initiatives:


WarnaWarni Kids is a creative centre for the youth of Banda Naira, providing free after school classes such as Painting, Recycling With Art, English and Music. It’s a place for children to enjoy creative activities, learn how to be eco-friendly, learn English and also read books. The creative arts stimulate and help children cultivate their abilities in every field, fostering flexibility of the mind. The sustainable future of Banda relies on the ability of its young people to adapt, innovate, and be mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with the challenges that they will face. Through its activities, WarnaWarni seeks to create an enduring spirit of creativity in the Banda Islands.


SEA Ventures Trust is a foundation based in Banda Neira that has the goal of facilitating environmental education for children and young adults living on remote islands in Indonesia. By educating about the impacts that human habits can have on the environment, SEA Ventures Trust hopes to contribute to the conservation of sensitive ecosystems, such as coral reefs.

Programmes teach about waste management, about the role that coral reefs play for the ecological balance in the ocean and for the provision of oxygen to our atmosphere, about the utilization of solar energy, about how and why to build waste water gardens, and much more.


Magafira Ali (pictured) is a teacher, tour guide and environmental campaigner. 10 years ago, he decided something had to be done about the growing rubbish problem on Banda Neira. With no government support and little private support, Maga started a wide variety of projects to combat the problem, including weekly community clean-ups, acquiring, installing, and maintaining public rubbish bins, arranging rubbish collections, rubbish education for teachers, students, and local households, teaching how to make products from plastic to create value and other projects including the Banda Neira Trash Bank. His efforts have transformed Banda Neira and he now wants to extend his efforts to the other islands of Banda, and after that to the rest of Maluku.

10% of direct sales of The Banda Islands anthology goes to these three initiatives. To purchase a book, or for information on how to independently support these causes, contact us on