“To me, all the East is here.” These tiny ‘islands of spicerie’ in the middle of the Banda Sea have been at the heart of some key moments in history that have shaped the world we live in today, from the beginnings of global capitalism and colonisation, to Indonesia’s journey towards becoming a nation.

For some, this was the setting for unimaginable hardships, where blood was spilt for money and power and a tropical idyll became a prison.

Today the region is one of the last true marine wildernesses in the world: its ecological significance and mysterious resilience draw visitors who seek another kind of wealth.

The Banda Islands anthology weaves together the strands of this rich tapestry through the words and images of those who have come under the islands’ spell throughout centuries.

Edited by Jan Russell, the anthology features contributions from international and Indonesian writers, artists, and photographers: Amitav Ghosh, Giles Milton, Goenawan Mohamad, Des Alwi, John Seabrook, Michael Vatikiotis, Elizabeth Pisani, Willard A. Hanna, Peter V. Lape, Lukman A. Ang, David E. Parry, Hanna Rambé, Utuy Tatang Sontani, Ian Burnet, H. W. Ponder, Beatrice Glow, Hanafi & Jean Couteau, Ron Jenkins, Made Wianta, Joëlla Van Donkersgoed, Alfred Russel Wallace, Tim Severin, Anna Forbes, Phillip Winn, Rudolf Mrazek, S. J. Perelman, Lawrence Blair, Mareike Huhn, James Oseland, Janet DeNeefe, M. Fadli & Fatris MF, Jay Subyakto, and Ken Taylor.

To order a copy, email banda@kabarmedia.com.

The book is priced at Rp. 395,000.

10% of direct sales go to sustainability initiatives on the islands. For more information on the causes we support, click here.

The Banda Islands is also currently available in Indonesia at Periplus nationwide, at Aksara and Bartele Gallery in Jakarta, and at Ganesha in Bali.