The future of Banda lies in the hands of those who are committed to thoughtful, sustainable development that can provide security for the islanders themselves while protecting their heritage and natural environment.

Through The Banda Islands anthology, we are supporting three initiatives that are working towards a sustainable future.

Sea Ventures Trust is involved in educating children and young adults about the impacts that human habits can have on the environment, teaching about the importance of coral reefs, utilisation of solar energy, how to build waste water gardens.

WarnaWarni Kids is a creative centre that provides free after school classes such as painting, recycling with art, English and music, allowing kids to develop their natural creativity and become adaptable, innovative, and mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with the challenges they will face in the future.

Magafira Ali (pictured) was a schoolteacher on Banda Neira when he became concerned about the plastic problem on the islands. For years he took it upon himself to go around the island picking up all the plastic he could find, storing it at his own home because there was nowhere else to put it. He eventually started a wide variety of projects to combat the problem, including weekly community clean-ups, installing public rubbish bins, arranging rubbish collections, rubbish education for teachers, students, and local households, teaching communities how to make products from plastic to create value and other projects including the Banda Neira Trash Bank. His efforts have transformed Banda Neira and he now wants to extend his efforts to the other islands of Banda, and after that to the rest of Maluku.

10% of direct sales of the book goes to these three initiatives. To purchase a book, or for information on how to independently support these causes, contact us on


The Banda Islands is also currently available in Indonesia at Periplus nationwide, at Aksara and Bartele Gallery in Jakarta, at Ganesha in Bali, and on Tokopedia.